Like Swagbucks

A GPT site like Swagbucks

The most comparable site to Swagbucks is instaGC.  However it’s a much better site than Swagbucks. That can be seen by comparing the two side by side. instaGC pays its members more per offer and task. This fact likely due to the differences in staff size and overhead costs between the two websites.   One site focuses on helping its members make money.  While the other focuses on making money for their company.

Point differences aren’t the only reason InstaGC is the better site. They have no unfair limits like Swagbucks does.  You can redeem for rewards as often as you have the points to do so.  On top of that the site gives out free points all day long in the live chat feature and via its many contests such as referral, sports, offer, and video.  Most rewards redeemed are instantly delivered too!

When it comes to earning rewards I prefer the site that has the most choices and opportunities.  instaGC has more offer walls and offers in general then any other site.  Which means there is more money to be earned, and lots of different ways to earn it.  Since it’s fraud to complete the same offer twice, and instaGC has almost every offer Swagbucks does plus more, I maximize my earnings by using just instaGC.


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