Is instaGC Free?

Is instaGC really free, what’s the catch?

Anything in life can be debated.  instaGC and the term free is no exception.  Do you need to spend a single penny earn a lot on the site? Nope! All it will cost you is some of your spare time online, as long as you would like to put into the site.  There are “Cash Back” offers as well as trials offers available but you don’t need to do those to do, unless you want to.

Working on instaGC

You could consider instaGC as not being free because you have to “work” to earn points.  With that logic nothing in life is free though.  Personally I don’t consider playing games, watching videos, ect as real work.   After all I am disabled and can not work, but I can do instaGC.

Doesn’t replace a job

It’s not a job, you won’t earn wages by using the site.  You’re not flipping burgers, delivering pizza, selling houses, working construction, ect.  It’s not employment. It’s only a way to get some extra money.  I use my free money for presents, furniture, xbox games, gaming systems, animal supplies, household supplies, clothes, the list of things I have used my money for is endless.


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