instaGC Tips

instaGC Tips

The longer you are a member of a GPT site the more you will learn.  Thus the more rewards you will earn. One thing you will learn is how to tell the different families of offers apart.  With that you will learn when you need to clear your cookies and create a new email address. Disposable email addresses are considered fraud, so do not use those.  I recommend creating a new email address and completing one Life Script offer, one ZZZ offer, one Winning Surveys offer, and so on.  This does not mean you can complete the same offer more then once. Personally I complete one offer on the instaGC wall, then move to another wall and complete an offer from a different family there, and so on.

My Favorite Offers

Download offers are my favorite way to earn rewards.  As mentioned in the on-site guides you should use Shadow Defender or Sandboxie when completing download offers.  Make sure to clear which ever you use in between doing similar download offers.  Ions Media is one of my favorite walls for downloads, as well as the instaGC wall, Peanut Labs, Offer Toro, and RadiumOne.

Develop a routine

instaGC clicks are one type of easy offer on the site. They reset everyday between 12am EST and 3am EST.  tipsRadiumOne Clicks are also very easy offers that reset between 3am/4am EST, and they cap quickly.  When an offer caps that means it reached the maximum number of completions allowed overall for that day or period of time.  Many instaGC’ers stay up late or set an alarm to complete the above mentioned offers. Personally I stay up late in order to grab the easy points everyday, then I move on to other offers.



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