Is instaGC a Scam?

Is instaGC a scam?

The good news is instaGC is not a scam. I have personally been paid every time I have redeemed my points, without any hassle.  As long as you do not scam the site you will be able to redeem all the points you earn as wellThere are offers that require personal information which some user’s are not comfortable giving. If you’re one of those users who doesn’t feel safe providing identifying information to offers, don’t do the offers that require it.  Money is exchanging hands, you will only be paid for completing offers legitimately.   If you are doing everything correctly, but still worried, redeem every 100 points that you earn.  The site is out to help people around the world, not scam them.  The site would not have a BBB rating of A+ if it were not legal, legit, and paying.

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