My instaGC Review

My instaGC Review

After joining instaGC in 2012, I stopped wasting my time with other reward sites.  Other GPT sites limit users on rewards, referrals, and other features while instaGC doesn’t.  The site also pays me, and any user, more per each offer than any other site.



instaGC constantly adds new offers, offer providers, contests, features, and reward options to the site.  In 2015 PayPal was added as a reward option.  With all the changes thousands of new members find the site and join each day.  Unlike other sites instaGC is able to handle the constant increase in membership without issue.

My Experience

I have personally never had any trouble redeeming the points I earned on the site.  I’ve never had points reversed unfairly. I’ve never been removed from chat nor from social media pages associated with the site.  I follow all the rules and terms of service in place.  My experience with instaGC has been nothing but positive.


Disclaimer – While I am now a moderator for the site, I was a member first.  My position with the site does not provide me with a different experience than a regular member has in regards to features.

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