Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin


In a week or two will be adding a new reward option to the site.  That option is the popular cryptocurrency BitCoin!  Personally I use Coinbase to buy and sell Bitcoin.  If you join Coinbase via this link here and buy/sell $100 or more you’ll get $10 free and I will too!

Free Gift Card Sunday

Special Event

What – Free Gift Card Sunday (#fgcs) a day where free Amazon Gift Cards are given away.

When – Sunday November 27th every minute from 8:01 AM until 11:59 PM EST.

WhereClick Here.

Why – There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Free Gift Card Sunday was created in-order to fill the gap between days and to give out free Amazon gift cards to individuals in preparation for Cyber Monday.

How – Entering is easy, and can be done now. Successfully complete just one of these or these. If you win a free gift card you will be notified via the on site inbox system.  You do not have to be on in order to win. Winners must claim their prize by November 28th, 11:59 PM EST.

How much – 900+ Amazon Gift Cards will be given away to those entered. The Gift Cards range in value from $1-10.





My instaGC Experience


I have been a member of instaGC since March 2012.  In that time I have earned, as of right this second, $4,577.64.  In the beginning I worked as hard as I could on the site, because my family so desperately needed the money.  Now that things have become a bit more relaxed in that department I spend most of time helping others by either introducing them to the site or helping them succeed at it.  I often have video offers running though and I still use all the other features too!  I’m just a lot more relaxed and a bit lazy, but even so I’ve earned over $40 so far this month.

I feel strongly about it all because the site has never been anything but good to and for me.  My earnings are always available to redeem any time I choose.  I’ve never had any issues with that or with anything else.  When times were tough or when hard times hit still, instaGC has always and continues to be there for me financially.

Sound off in the comment section!  What has been your experience with instaGC?

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