About Me

About me

In 2011 my husband and I couldn’t afford groceries, let alone anything extra. I was no longer able to work outside of our home due to my health. We were struggling and barely able to keep the roof over our heads. I had done some work from home in the past so I knew legit options existed. I had never made enough to really keep up with them though, let alone enough to pay for my internet which I needed in order to do the work. So desperately I began a new search. I found some decent work from home sites and things improved for us, but some of the sites closed or had issues. So I continued my search to find something better. In 2012 I found instaGC and I’ve been addicted ever since. My very first month on the site, back when there was only one wall of offers, I made around $100. The next month I did the same. Then the site started improving and I began making even more each month.

instaGC allows me to help others in need

In May of 2012 I was selected as a chat moderator for the site. While continuing to complete offers like a regular member, I also spent my time helping others that were in similar financial situations via the chat feature. It’s 2015 now and while I have more responsibilities on the site, I still complete offers in order to earn money.

I created Free-Gift-Codes.com in order to introduce others to instaGC that are currently in the financial situation I use to be in.  With a site of my own I’m able to reach a larger audience and specifically an audience searching online the way I had.

I enjoy introducing people to my favorite online earning site.  Being the person that causes a change in their lives.  Who helps put food on their tables and make holidays less stressful.  If my site helps just one person then all my hard work on it was well worth it!

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